Pure rock from Switzerland !
Mike Riffart
Lawrence Lina
Nick Thornton
Lionel Blanc
Roland Pierrehumbert

Past Experience:
Genocide, Spoonful (Blues)

Favorites Bands:
Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, Great Bluesmen like John Lee
Hooker, BB King or Elmore James...

Favorite Albums:
"Assault And Battery" (ROSE TATTOO)
"Powerage", "Back In Black" (AC/DC)

Favorite Sideburn's songs:
One night stand, Gangster Lover, Never Kill the Chicken, Troublemaker, Sign In The South, Gimme the Way 

Best Concert seen:
Rose Tattoo In Pratteln 2004 (From The Stage)

Best Sideburn's concert:
Support for Kiss Hallenstadion Zurich
Support for Rose Tattoo Z7 Pratteln

His Gear:
Lee Oscar Harp
Lampifier Extreme Vocal Mike
Audio-Technica In-Ear Monitoring